* Is God a Mass Murderer?*

Hennard, George Pierre 23
Huberty, James Oliver 21
Wong, Jiverly Antares 13
Unruh, Howard Barton 13
Holmes, James Eagan 12
Pough, James Edward 11
McLendon, Michael Kenneth 10
Starkweather, Charles and Fugate, Caril Ann, 10

What do the people in this list have in common? They were mass murderers in the United States. The number by each name is the number of people each one killed. This is a partial listing for the United States and also does not take into consideration the long lists from other countries.

We are [...]
Mon, Mar 30, 2015
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The Great Loss

The atmosphere in Walmart was paralyzed. Customers and associates froze in position for a moment. The blood curdling scream and then the agonizing wail which followed caused chills to run up and down your spine. The loud wailing and crying continued. “Somebody help me!” “My baby! My baby!”

Earlier a search had been in progress throughout the store. The men's restrooms were checked. Associates hurried up and down the aisles. The security cameras were reviewed. The little boy could not be found. Finally the managers gathered around [...]
Wed, Mar 18, 2015
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The Real You

You visit with your neighbor semi-occasionally. Do you really know him/her? What is going on behind their closed doors? Is their marriage about to break up? Are they in financial difficulty? Are they involved in something illegal? Are they part of a religious cult?

Your close friends are different aren't they? Aren't they??? Are you not sure? Do you get the idea sometimes that they aren't telling you the whole story? Do you wonder what things would be like if circumstances changed for them or for you and [...]
Sat, Mar 07, 2015
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Homelessness has become a major problem in the United States. The National Low Income Housing Coalition estimates that a person must have a working wage of $18.79/hour in order to afford housing. In 2011 the official poverty rate was 15% which affected 46.2 million people. The poor are frequently unable to afford housing, food, childcare, health care and education. Since housing takes a large portion of their income, other necessities must be neglected. Fifty percent of the cities surveyed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors discovered that domestic violence was a primary cause [...]
Sat, Feb 28, 2015
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