A Mother’s Prayer


Many times as a child I remember running into the house, looking for my mother, only to find her in the den on her knees by the rocking chair. A praying mother made an impression on me as a little boy. This remembrance helped guide me through the pitfalls of life.

Arthur was a new convert, but an old man. He attributed his salvation at a late age to his mother’s prayers. He recounted stories of a wild youth and a sinful past. He said that numerous times he would crawl through the window of his home after spending the evening hours in wild and sinful pursuits. As he stealthily made his way to his bedroom, he would once again hear his mother calling his name out to God in prayer. Long after she went to heaven he made his way to an altar and asked God to forgive him for his sinfulness and to become the Lord of his heart and life.

Jestin Anthony Joseph is another young man whose mother prayed. The following news account tells of the amazing divine intervention that was witnessed as a result of a mother’s prayer.

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