Is God a Mass Murderer?


Hennard, George Pierre 23
Huberty, James Oliver 21
Wong, Jiverly Antares 13
Unruh, Howard Barton 13
Holmes, James Eagan 12
Pough, James Edward 11
McLendon, Michael Kenneth 10
Starkweather, Charles and Fugate, Caril Ann, 10

What do the people in this list have in common? They were mass murderers in the United States. The number by each name is the number of people each one killed. This is a partial listing for the United States and also does not take into consideration the long lists from other countries.

We are horrified when we hear of a serial killer. If it is local news we lock our doors and take special safety precautions. Just as alarming is the idea that atheists and other skeptics are postulating. It is not a new idea. It is something that Christians and theologians have wrestled with for many years: Is God a mass murderer?

In this lesson we will look at the United Nations investigative team report which condemns ISIS of numerous acts of genocide against various ethnic and religious groups. The Word of God is relevant for the situations of our lives, so we will be exploring various passages of scripture in search for answers to this thorny issue.

Lesson Objective:  By the end of the lesson the student should see the morality of Divine judgment and have some answers for skeptics.

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