Unexpected Angels


Shoveling the muck and mud from the receding flood that had brought ruin to their homes, residents of a small Nebraska town were overwhelmed when they realized that unexpected and  unknown visitors had come into their town to lend a hand.  The kindness that they saw displayed made a lasting impression on them.  What causes people to lay aside their personal agendas to come to the aid of those in need?  Why are people willing to assist people they have never met during times of tragedy?  What does the Bible say about a Christian response?

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Dannebrog is a little town that many did not know existed until the flood of March 2019 brought the burg to its knees. The “bomb cyclone” which caused barometric pressure to quickly drop caused the snow and ice to melt. The rising waters brought pressure on the damns which soon burst. The raging water destroyed bridges in its wake. Over 70% of the counties in the state faced a state of emergency. Dannebrog was among the worse hit and 90% of the residents were evacuated.

When the people were finally allowed to return to their little town they found the labors and the dreams of the past had been buried in mud, and in some cases destroyed. Taking shovels and other tools in hand the dejected people set to work to try to bring order from disorder. That is when unexpected angels appeared in their midst.

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