Sample Lesson

Have you ever wondered how you could make the Bible more relevant to the people in your Bible study class? Have you ever wished that you could show them how to meet the challenges of the day with a Biblical worldview? Do your people talk about issues in the news and alarm you with their responses that are not Christ-like?

Meanwhile, do you struggle to get Bible lessons each week that will interest your class? You wonder if you are being successful. You wish you had more training so that you would be able to better prepare and deliver what you discover. You find that week after week you run out of time before you feel that you are properly prepared, and then you end up being disappointed again by your performance.

Maybe it is time for you to consider an alternative. The lessons on this site are Bible-based and relevant to the situations that people face today. They have been used successfully. They can revolutionize your class and your teaching.

You will no longer have to worry about having time to properly prepare for your lesson. We have done the work for you.

So what is the method? What are the lessons about? How can they help transform your teaching?

The lessons offered on this site are Bible discoveries regarding items found in the news. The Bible does have answers to current issues. The Bible does have answers to the situations that surface every day in the news. Each week we prepare lessons from current news items to help your class discover in an interactive, discussion-based setting what the biblical response should be to the issue being examined.

If you examine the following sample, we believe you will see the value in downloading a fully prepared lesson each week. You can realize the satisfaction of having students who find it exciting to discover how relevant the Word of God is to their lives.

The lessons are in pdf format.  You can print them or copy and paste them into a doc file.  By doing this, you can adapt them to fit your own needs.

Two separate files are included in the pdf package that you will download. The lesson prepared for the teacher includes the news article, urls for additional information, discussion questions, and Scripture references with commentary. An abbreviated lesson is prepared for students. It includes the news article, urls, a few discussion questions to get them to think about the issue, and Scripture references. After you purchase the lessons, you have our permission to duplicate them for distribution.

We suggest that you give the student handout to your class a week prior to the day it will be taught. It is then good to have additional copies to give to unexpected students on the day the lesson is taught as well as copies for students who forgot to bring their handout to class. There is no limitation put on the number of copies you may duplicate. By giving the students the handout the week prior to the day it will be taught you can give a brief “teaser” introduction. This also allows them a chance to read the article, check on the suggested websites where additional information may be found, and study the passages of scripture which will be covered in the class session. This will encourage a better discussion.

Think of it. For only $2.00 you can download the packet which includes a teacher’s lesson and a reproducible lesson for your students. For example, lessons for a Quarter (13 weeks) would only be $26. How can you pass up a value like this? Check out the list of lessons now!

We encourage you to try the lessons for a least a month and see how your students respond. We are confident that you will recognize that your teaching has improved and that your class will be interested in participating in the discussions.

Suggestion: Are you going on a trip? Do your substitute teacher a favor. Hand him/her these ready-to-teach materials prior to your departure. Your substitute teacher will be grateful.