Ten Tips

How to get the most out of these lessons . . .

1. Read through the lesson, think through the lesson, and answer each of the discussion questions in preparation for the class. Add any open-ended questions you may have. Avoid closed questions for the class; those that can be answered with yes, no, or an obvious answer.

2. Give your students a copy of the students lesson handout a week before you plan to teach it. Ask them to read the lesson, read the articles in the “Check the Sources” section, look up and read the scripture references, write a short answer to the questions on the class handout, and then make a list of their own questions to bring to class.  In some cases you may only be able to give them a copy of the student’s lesson handout just before the class.  If so, give them a few minutes before starting the class with a time of prayer.

3. Print handouts and make extras in case visitors come to your class.

4. Encourage student participation in the discussion. Don’t rush to give your answer. Give the students time to think, phrase their answers, and discuss the matter. It is important, however that you enter into the discussion along with the students. It is not a time of questions and answers. It is a time for thought provoking questions that encourage open thoughtful discussion.

5. If discussion lags at some point, move on to another question or scripture reference.

6. Don’t feel like you have to ask each question if the discussion doesn’t warrant it, or if it has already been answered in another part of the discussion.  Let the Holy Spirit lead the time of discussion.

7. Keep the discussion focused on the lesson. Don’t let some student take over the discussion and lead it down another track discussion.

8. Take time to discuss questions that come from the class if they are central to the discussion of the material.

9. Don’t feel like you have to get all the way through the lesson. If the class shows enough interest you may want to continue the lesson in the next class session.

10. Teach the lesson over at a later date and to a different class. Some news articles seem to always be current. However, if you want a current article, do a Google search on the internet, find a substitute article, and then use the same scripture references and discussion questions again.