Bad Chemistry


“In plenty and in want” . . . in plenty and in want; “in joy and in sorrow” … in joy and in sorrow; “in sickness and in health” … in sickness and in health; ‘so long as we both shall live” … so long as we both shall live.

So often these words are repeated, but they are rarely kept. Broken promises. Infidelity. Lies. Cheating. Deception.

Every day in the home, at the market place, in the corporate world, and yes even in the church, promises are broken.

And yet we all either give or receive promises. We never cease. We continue to believe that we can trust someone. We want to trust the school teacher until we find out that he/she has molested students in our child’s classroom. We want to trust the movie stars by making them our fantasy heroes, and then we read in the news of their personal failures. We want to trust the auto mechanic to whom we take our car until we discover that the repair was not effective. We want to trust the food industry until we hear of another salmonella scare. Who can we trust? When can people be trusted? Should our trust ever be complete? Why is trust so important to us? These and other questions will su
rface as we look at the news item which serves as a springboard for this Bible study.

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