Can Christians Hate Terrorists?


Globally, people have agreed that inhumane actions are punishable by international law.  Should we not be angry when a person’s fingers are chopped off in an effort to gain information?  Should we not be incensed when people are publically beheaded in order to make a statement of terror?  Should we not be outraged when a group of people are crammed in a steel cage and then set on fire?  Should we not be irate when we see little children violated and mutilated because their parents did not comply with the beliefs of militants?  Should we not be furious?

Is there a line which when crossed makes it permissible for Christians to hate evil people?

This is the question we explore as we look at the disturbing news of the horrendous acts of inhumane violence by ISIS.  We will search the scriptures and seek for guidance regarding the biblical response that Christians should have in the light of these circumstances.

Lesson Objective:  By the end of the lesson the students will see that there is no limit to the extent of Christian love.

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