How Tuff Heroes are Made


Antoinette Tuff, a bookkeeper at a school just outside of Atlanta, Georgia did not go to work that August day planning to be a hero. As she talked to the young gunman who had come to the school to kill as many people as he could and then end his own life, however, Antoinette naturally began to call upon her own life experiences, her depth of character, her relationship with God, and the remembrance of the sermons that her pastor preached, in order to deal with the situation she faced. Twenty-Two minutes later calm, and collected, Antoinette was pleased to see that she had convinced Michael Hill, to lay down his AK-47 and give up to the authorities. Later as she talked to the news media she continually gave glory to God who had prepared her for this time in her life and had helped her to successfully negotiated the peaceful resolution of the encounter. This news item has some significant factors that we need to consider as we look to the Word of God for answers regarding what kind of people He wants us to be in a corrupt and evil world.

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