Falling Stones


To the horror of the devote Jews praying in the egalitarian section at the base of the Western Wall, a loud rumble was heard.  It followed seconds later by a crashing thud as a 200 lb boulder dislodged from the Wall fell 23 feet narrowly missing those praying below.   It was a memorable time.  The Tisha B’Av had just concluded the evening before.  The people had fasted and prayed in sadness remembering many tragedies that had occurred to the people of Israel at this time of the year.  Now it seemed to be taking place again.  Was there some spiritual significance to this?  In this lesson we will discuss if and/or how natural tragedies may be related to the judgment of God in the world.

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How do we make sense of the unexplained tragedies in the world?  Do we point a finger at the evil people of the world and say that they had it coming to them?  They deserved the judgment of God.  On the other hand, do we accuse God of being heartless, harsh, and hasty in crushing those who do not show Him the respect He expects?

Are natural tragedies related to the judgment of God in all situations?  If so, what is the significance of each occurrence?  If they are not always related to the judgment of God, how can we determine when they are times of divine retribution?

Any thinking person will ask for theological justifications and explanations for the inexplicable natural disasters that take place around the globe.  Christians should have a ready response.  In this lesson we will consider the event that took place in Jerusalem at the Western Wall on Monday, July 23, 2018 as a 200 stone fell 23 feet narrowly missing those praying below.  Was this a message from God?

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