Who Do You Trust?


When you paste a bumper sticker on your vehicle is it a statement of fact?  Maybe.  It may be merely the whim of the moment.  You may place the bumper sticker on your car because you got excited about what a speaker said at a political rally.  On the other hand, you may have placed the bumper sticker on your car because you thought the statement was funny and you wanted to share the joke.

The situation becomes a little more interesting when a government agency mandates that a political or religious statement be placed on their vehicles.  What should be the reaction and response from Christians concerning this?  Should our response be different when it is not in our favor as opposed to when it is to our liking?

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Christians cheered when they saw the news that Bakersfield, CA city council had passed a policy stating that all their police and fire vehicles should have bumper stickers saying “In God We Trust.”  This is a political/religious statement.  “In God We Trust” is a national motto but it is also a statement of belief for Christians.  Would our response have been different if the statement was contrary or even offensive to our beliefs?   Does it matter?  In this lesson we will search the scriptures to try to determine where we should stand on this matter.

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