To Boycott or Not?


More and more it seems that Christians are being called on to stand with protest placards.  Christians are urged to march for a cause and to change where they shop.  Christian news-talk programs have found that some of the most vibrant shows are those dedicated to opposing a business or an institution concerning an issue that is important to Bible believers.

This is not something new.  In the past it has not been used as aggressively, but those of older generations remember not shopping at stores that sold liquor or cigarettes.  Others chose not to frequent stores that opened for business on Sunday.  As time has passed, however, the Church and para-church movements have begun to use the methods of the world to voice their opposition to attacks on what they consider to be biblically significant values.

So as we search the scriptures today, the question before us  is whether or not to put on our marching shoes and pick up our banner of protest.  

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