The USA and Cuba Reconciled?


Prior to the 1959 communist takeover of Cuba, the island was a middle-class country with a per capita income higher than that in Europe.  Now, it is not only a third world country but is one of the poorest in the world.  Why?  Two basic reasons can be cited:  The ravages of Communistic economic and political practices, and a trade embargo imposed by the United States which has severely limited the potential of the island.  The goal of the USA was to starve out the communistic threat near its southern border.  This goal has not been met but the threat has been greatly minimalized.

Things are about the change now that President Obama and Raul Castro have decided to bring reconciliation between the two countries.  Will the island prosper?  It is doubtful as long as the totalitarian communistic regime is in power.  Will the people have their human rights restored?  This is also very doubtful under the current leadership. What then is going to change, now that the two countries are normalizing relations?  Will a US Embassy in Havana bring a promise of democracy?  Probably not.  The future will tell what changes will transpire but many fear the gullible leadership of the White House has been taken advantage of and is in for some severe disappointments.

Whether you approve or disapprove of this political maneuver by the White House is not our focus for this lesson.  An underlying observation is of special interest.  The US and Cuba essentially have begun a process of reconciliation.  Cuba may disappoint us while we continue to honor the agreement in good faith.  These and many other concerns bring us once again to search the Scriptures for the proper Christian response to issues in the news.  The lesson will bring us to look at reconciliation and the Christian’s endeavor to restore relationships that have been damaged.

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