Women of Strength


Quite often the first lady in the United States gets a lot of attention. However, those who have been outstanding in their contribution to their husband’s office could be counted on two hands. Little, if anything, is said about the second ladies in the White House.  Like the Vice-Presidents, whose names are often forgotten, their wives are but a footnote in the nation’s history.  The current second lady may be an exception.  Mike Pence seems to have the makings of an exceptional Vice-President, and his wife Karen appears to be a lady of great strength.  Already she has sat in on at least one interview with the vice-president as he chose his staff, accompanied him on his first foreign trip to Germany and Belgium, and joins him for off-the-record briefs with reporters.  Brian Howey, publisher of Howey Politics Indiana, a nonpartisan political newsletter in the state, spoke of her role when Mike Pence was governor of Indiana.  “I would characterize her as the silent, omnipresent partner. You knew she was there, you knew there was some considerable influence she wielded, but, boy, she was not public about it.” Beneath this visible indication of strength is something greater.  It is something that many of the citizens of our country were not expecting.  It is something that is difficult for many to understand.  Those who are close to her characterize her as the Pence family “prayer warrior.” Vicki Lake, the Pences’ former pastor’s wife said, “That’s the kind of person she is, a person who believes in prayer, a godly mother and wife.”

A women in public office who has direct access to God is always worthy of our special attention.  The Bible is replete with accounts of women who rose above the level of common expectation.  They were able to excel because they were not satisfied with a nominal relationship with God.  They knew Him personally and gave themselves freely to be used in His service.

Objective:  In this lesson we will look at many examples of women who God found worthy to exhibit in His Book.  Our purpose will be to consider the inner strength that made them outstanding.  From this study, women should gain Biblical insight into how to be exceptional in God’s sight and powerful in His service.  The gentlemen studying this lesson will gain a deeper respect for the ladies who are used of God.

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