A Royal Baby


e who are willing to include children in their lives who had a beginning in a different home and a different environment.  Adopting families often include children who will share the love of parents with someone who is a stranger that may for a time be resistant to their acceptance.  Adopting parents are unique in so many ways.  They are special people.

On the other hand, the adopted child is going through a time of dramatic change which will often determine the direction his life will take.  The child loses his original birth certificate to be replaced with another.  He accepts a new identity, a new name, an new environment, new challenges, new privileges, and hope.

To discuss adoption in the context of a news article that is about a royal birth may seem strange.  When you consider the spiritual ramifications, however, you begin to understand.  For a child of God, adoption into the family of God is a spiritual royal birth which makes him a child of the King of all kings.  This lesson should prove to be an exciting study for you as your class discusses the blessings and privileges of being a spiritual prince or princess!

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