Devil Clubs


Your little Johnny may have another option at school soon.  In addition to the Chess Club, Science Club, Cub Scouts, and Good News Club, he will be able to choose the After School Satan Club.

Nine states have been targeted as start up ventures for the new After School Satan Clubs.  They are Utah, New York, Massachusetts, Arizona, Minnesota, Louisiana and Florida.  Doug Mesner, a.k.a. Lucian Greaves, the head of the Satanic Temple, an American political activist and “religious” organization based in New York City stated that the group doesn’t actually promote devil worship, instead it eschews any sort of belief in a supernatural being, supporting “scientific rationality” instead. The planned curriculum for the After School Satan Clubs includes “healthful snacks,” “creative learning activities,” “a science lesson,” “puzzle solving” and “an art project.” They plan to have club meetings once a month.  Each young participant will be issued an official membership card.  In order to participate the children will be required to bring a signed parental permission slip.

Even if you do not permit little Johnny to attend these “club” meetings, how will the “residual” influence affect him?  Should little Johnny be exposed to the potential evil that this advance might suggest?  What should the biblical, Christian response be to this advance?  Is there some way that Christian  parents can use this to their advantage in reaching their community for Christ?

In this lesson we will look at a news item regarding the formation of Devil Clubs in our public schools. We will notice how the Satanic Temple has used the Supreme Court decision of 2001 which allows religious clubs to meet in after school activities as a means of advancing their own atheistic agenda in our schools.  We will then look at what the Word of God has to say which should guide our response as Christians to this and similar advances of Satan in his endeavor to invade the lives of unsuspecting people.

Lesson Objective:  By the end of the lesson the student will see the impending danger to the minds and spirits of children in our public school systems and will have some biblical guidelines for making a proper Christian response to the challenge.

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