American Idol


American Idols abound in our society.  Baseball players, basketball players, football players, soccer players, ice hockey players, comedians, musicians, movie stars, and entertainers have their followers.  People regularly pay their offerings  in order to have the privilege to worship their idol for an hour or two.  People pledge their allegiance to their idol, put posters of their idol’s likeness on the walls of their homes, have special services on the radio and television where they extol the greatness of their idol, and wear various types of apparel to announce their loyalty to their special idol.

The name for the popular television program was proper, for it clearly defined the purpose and desire of the American people.  They want idols.  Not one idol but many idols.  Now the program has completed its final season.  This, however,  does not end the saga of the American Idol.  People still have a void in their heart that craves to be filled.  They still have an unsatisfied hunger.  There is still an inner desire to fall down to worship someone or something.

In this lesson, we will discuss this inner desire of the human heart.  We will look at numerous scriptures where people expressed this hunger and we will consider the biblical response.

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