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What numerous self-proclaimed evangelical prophecy experts have been foretelling may soon become a reality.  There are those in Europe and the United States of America who advocate a cashless society on the grounds that monetary policy and taxation both would become much easier if every transaction was a digital one.  Adi Godrej, Chairman of the Godrej Group in India, has said that the idea of demonetization is a good idea in the fight against black money in his country.   South Korea is one of the least cash-dependent nations in the world, having the highest rate of credit card ownership, with only 20% of Korean payments being made with paper money. Making another step in their transition toward a no cash society, the Bank of Korea announced that it is going to accelerate its efforts to reduce the circulation of coins.  It is encouraging people to deposit their loose change on to “T Money” cards.  These cards may be used for metro fares, taxi rides, and for purchases made in 30,000 convenience stores.  The head of research at the Credit Finance Institute in Seoul stated, “When we make a 10 won coin, it costs more than 10 won.” Recently Bangkok Bank launched a new TPN-UnionPay debit card using the Thai Payment Network.  China UnionPay’s General Manager for Southeast Asia said that China, like Thailand, used to be a cash-based society, but now it has moved well along the path to a cashless society.  About 50% of payments in China are cashless.  Their non-cash payments have been growing by around 40% per year.

The questions that will probably surface in this Bible study will be of a different nature from those that face the secular marketplace.  What does a cashless society mean for the church?  What does it mean for the Christian?  Does this mean the Jesus coming is imminent?  Have the prophecy “experts” interpreted Scripture correctly?  Are our eschatological assumptions founded?   These and other matters of importance to the Christian will be considered as we search the Scriptures in this lesson.

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