The Early Warning System


What’s the difference between a hurricane, a typhoon and a cyclone?  You guessed it.  Nothing . . . that is, except for location.  In the North Atlantic and the Northeast Pacific they are called hurricanes.  In the Northwest Pacific they are called typhoons and in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean they are called cyclones.  No matter what they are called, they get our attention.

Hurricane Matthew had our attention for a tense week and then Hurricane Nichole moved to center stage.  As we watched the news and checked the government reporting web sites some of us were apprehensive because we had friends and loved ones who were in danger.  Longitudinal and Latitudinal readings were regularly checked to see how close the hurricane was to our friends and family.

Early warning systems are extremely important to the security and safety of the populace.  They, however, are simply warnings.  How people respond and how well they respond in a timely manner is what will make the difference between life or death, prosperity or loss for many.  In like manner early warnings are important in the spiritual realm.  This lesson will give us the opportunity to discuss those warnings and the importance of making the proper response when they are received.

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