The Distorted Noah


Noah is a major Hollywood blockbuster. Tim Briody, analyst for Box Office Prophets told USA Today, “It certainly feels like the ‘biggest’ film of 2014.” Paramount Pictures said that it grossed 44 million dollars in the US and Canada during the first weekend of its showing.

Darren Aronofsky, a self-proclaimed atheist who is best known for a previous flick, where a mentally disturbed lesbian ballerina goes insane and bleeds to death on the stage, has now decided to tell Bible stories. Eyebrows may understandably rise at this. Aronofsky tried to put these fears to rest, however, when he told The New Yorker magazine that his movie is “the least Biblical biblical film ever made.” Ironically, some Christians agree with him and some do not. Many non-Christians don’t have a clue.

One review stated that the movie was a “solid adaptation.” Other reviews state that the director just took “artistic license.” Some scoff at those who are alarmed at the charges of distortion of the Scriptures by saying that it is just a movie that should be viewed entirely for its entertainment value. Some Christians go so far as to say it is better “for Hollywood to explore themes surrounding God, and miss by a little, than explore themes surrounding Jesus and miss by a mile.”

A look at the details will shed some light on these opinions and will give us the opportunity to discuss the problem of distorting the Scriptures. Both Christians and sinners alike are guilty to some degree of misusing, misinterpreting, and/or manipulating the Scriptures for their own advantage. The Bible warns of this problem and gives us direction that we should seriously consider.

As we discuss the news item about the movie “Noah” we will consider several passages of scripture which speak of unbelievers and also those who claim to be Christian who distort God’s Word. We will consider the motives, the dangers, the warnings and more.

Lesson Objective: By the end of the class the students will understand that people inside and outside the church sometimes misinterpret and/misrepresent God’s Word. They will see the danger, the damage of this practice.

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