To Tell You the Truth . . .


Have you ever been in conversation with someone who prefaced their remarks with, “Well, to tell you the truth . . . “? I am often tempted to stop them by saying, “Well, I hope you always will tell me the truth.” How often do people tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? That is something to ponder. Maybe it is a plank we need to remove from our own eyes before proceeding with our quest for an answer to this question. And yet, there is something else that clouds the whole issue: “What is truth?” Well, what is it? Do we know? Is your truth the same as my truth? Are there different brands of truth? Is being convinced regarding a matter surety that the truth has been discovered?

Truth is popularly branded today as being a “relative” substance. They say, “Truth is whatever you want it to be.” And yet, Jesus claimed to be “The Truth.” This means that Truth is the absolute standard for all reality. Truth cannot be altered. Truth will never grow old. Truth will never be out-of-date. Our perceptions and acceptance of Truth may try to change it but all it does is produce “truth” that is not “Truth.”

Truth is constant. So, how you interpret and teach truth becomes truth to you even though it may not be Truth. Many have become misguided and deluded by those who authoritatively proclaimed to be the apostles of truth who in reality did not bear the real message of Truth.

The news item we will consider for this lesson will lead us to search a number of passages of Scripture in the attempt to discover Truth, and how to be true to the Truth.

Lesson Objective: By the end of the class the students should realize the importance of correcting interpreting and applying the scripture in their lives.

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