We worry.  Yes, in spite of the fact that Jesus, the Son of God said not to worry we disobey Him and, we worry.  It doesn’t seem to matter that 110 times God says in His Word to us, “Fear Not!”  We still worry.  We worry about tornadoes.  We worry about earthquakes.  We worry about hurricanes.  We worry about sickness.  We worry about retirement.  We worry about the economy.  We worry about our relationships.   Even after we assemble our survival kits we still continue to worry.  The “what if’s” drown out the cries of faith.

We worry about ISIS’ deadly terrorist attacks.  We worry about the uncertainty of our financial obligation to China.  We worry about the national debt.  We worry about identity theft.  We worry about North Korean dictators who play games with nuclear weapons.  We worry about the unrest in the Middle East.  We worry about persecution in the churches around the world.  We worry about human trafficking.  We worry about the homeless problem in the United States.  We worry about the drug problem in our country.  We worry about police shootings.  We worry about racism.

Worry?  Yes.  We worry.  The news media feeds our fears.  But it also reacts to our fears.  It gives us stories that it has found we hunger to receive.  Fear feeding fear is as pointless and endless as a hamster on a wheel.

The most recent cause for worry is the current presidential race.  According to President Obama even the candidates worry.   He told, Today’s,  Savannah Guthrie,  “Anybody who goes into campaigns not running scared can end up losing.  My advice to Democrats – and I don’t have to give this advice to Hillary Clinton because she already knows it – is to stay worried until all those votes are cast and counted.”

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