Cell Phone Addiction


Are you an addict? Are you sure? If you were to list some addictions, you would probably include alcohol, bulimia, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, nicotine, and pornography. Some forms of addiction that are conveniently overlooked are overeating, body building, coffee and cola consumption, diuretics, exercising, surfing the internet, video gaming, joking, over-work, laziness, pleasure, pleasing people, shopping, television viewing, sports, self-help efforts, status seeking, beauty (yours), power, gossip, pride, and the acquisition of wealth. Oh, and don’t forget the many uses/abuses of the smartphone which could include texting, sexting, facebook, youtube, twitter, gaming, Netflix, surfing the net, etc.

[Pause] Sorry, I had to check my email on my cell phone.

Maybe you have been in the checkout lane – – the l-o-n-g one – – at the grocery store. Ahead of you is the woman who is avidly texting or is in fervent conversation as the cashier scans and bags her groceries. She doesn’t notice that the cashier has finished the order. She didn’t hear the cashier give the total. And, she hasn’t even considered looking for her credit card that is lost somewhere in the bottom of her purse.

Excuse me one moment. [Pause] I needed to check to see what the weather is going to be like today. We are going to the ballgame tonight.

You may have had, on the other hand, your family over for a meal. You are looking forward to visiting with the kids after the meal. But as you finish clearing the table and return to the living room you see them all hunched over their individual cell phones and/or tablets as they excitedly play a game, watch a movie, or read the latest gossip on facebook. So much for family time!

And, so much for my soap-box introduction to the news item that will give us an opportunity in this lesson to consider what the Bible says about addiction.

Lesson Objective: By the end of the class the students will see that many addictive behaviors in life that should be matters of concern are often blindly accepted. The students will also discuss what the Bible has to say about allowing God to have complete control of their lives.

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