Liar, Liar . . .


What would our world be like if it was impossible to lie?

The problem often lies in the fact that some people are good at telling lies.  Then it is difficult to tell what is true and what is false.  History records numerous methods people have used to discover the truth.  One of the more recent methods originated in 1910.  William Marston, a Harvard psychologist (who also created the comic book character Wonder Woman), created a machine that monitored person’s blood pressure to see how it was affected during questioning.  In 1920, John Larson, a Berkley policeman who was also the first policeman to hold a doctorate saw the potential in Marston’s device in connection with police interrogation of suspects.  He enlisted Berkley’s physiology department to build a similar machine that charted blood pressure and breathing.  Later, Leonarde Keeler, Larson’s apprentice souped up the machine so that it included more vital sign measures, such as heart rate and perspiration.  He made the machine portable, publicized its virtues and availability, and standardized much of the testing techniques.  He named the machine “polygraph,” which means “many-writing instrument.”

Not all authorities are convinced that the use of the polygraph is a reliable means to determine if a person is lying.  Some have even crusaded against its use.  Other critics say that the use of the polygraph is as much about intimidation as it is about discovering the truth.  Doug Williams, a former Oklahoma City police officer is an outspoken polygraph critic.  He goes on trial January 2015 on charges of witness tampering and mail fraud.  How did this take place?  He offered his services to people to teach them how to pass the polygraph test.  He claims that you can manipulate it by artificially provoking a physical reaction when you’re supposed to and doing the opposite when you are not. This news item will be our focus for this lesson as we look at what the Bible says about lying.

Lesson Objective:  By the end of the lesson the students will know what the Bible teaches about lying and understand the importance of truthfulness

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