Where He Leads Me I Will Follow


Pope Francis shocked some and disappointed others with his recent announcement.  The holy father is going to change the “Our Father.”  The prayer that is beloved, recited and considered to be sacred in the Roman Catholic church is to be changed.  This news brought cries of outrage from the pulpit to the pew around the world.  Some dioceses have not yet complied with the edict from the holy edifice in Rome.  Meanwhile a number in the academia are making an attempt to impress their constituents with arguments of contention.  This leaves the common Jane and Joe in the pew scratching their heads as they thumb through their Bibles trying to determine who is espousing the correct view.

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Why would the Pope make an announcement that sure to upset many in the Catholic church?    He believes that the current translation of Matthew 6:13 suggests causation.  He says it implies that God and not the devil is the one who leads us to be tempted.   This raises a lot of questions regarding jurisdiction,  inspiration, translation, and interpretation.

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