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*Back Again*

In recent years, going to heaven and then coming back to earth seems to have gained interest in the general population.  At any rate, a number of authors and movie producers are profiting from the phenomena.

Richard Sigmund, a Pentecostal minister and founder of “Cleft of the Rock Ministries,” was the author of My Time in Heaven: A True Story of Dying and Coming Back which was released in 2010.  In his book he tells of how God miraculously brought him back to life eight hours after he died.  During his “time away” God showed him a glorious heaven.

In 2011 Mary C. Neal, M.D., released her new book, To Heaven and Back:  A Doctor’s Extraordinary Account of her Death, Heaven, Angels and Life Again.  This orthopedic surgeon was kayaking in Chile when her kayak became wedged in rocks at the bottom of a waterfall.  She was under water so long that her heart stopped.  In the book she gives the account of her death, her trip to heaven and how she returned to life again with an understanding of what her purpose on earth involved.

These are amazing stories that Christians want to believe.  Many rush in with blind faith to believe.  Others follow more slowly trying to separate fact from fiction.  Does God resurrect people to life in our era?  If so why?  If not, why not?  The Bible has a lot to say about the resurrection of the dead to life.  There are at least ten examples in the Bible of people who came back to life after being dead.  The resurrection is the hope of all believers.

Objective:  In this lesson, we will search the Word of God to gain a better understanding of what this means for us today.

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