Honesty, the Best Policy


Benjamin Franklin said, “Honesty is the best policy.” Was he right? Are there situations or circumstances where it is not best to tell the truth? What is truth? What is honesty? What are God’s expectations? What guidelines does the Bible give to direct our integrity?

The news item we will consider in this lesson tells of a recovering meth addict who was in a rehab program directed by the Salvation Army. On a regular work day at their facility he was faced with a moral dilemma, and matter of integrity. What should he do? Everyday we are faced with similar situations. You find a $20 bill lying on the floor in the local Wal-mart. What do you do? You are asked a question that if answered might bring hurt to the individual inquiring. What do you do? Studying this lesson will give us the opportunity to explore the Word of God in search of answers for the dilemmas of integrity that we will face tomorrow.

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