Spiritual Alzheimer’s


Often, approaching a new year is associated with resolutions for personal improvement. Christians are no exception. They may determine to read the Bible through in the following year, spend more time in daily prayer, visit the sick more often, plan for perfect attendance in church, or increase their giving to God’s work. The New Year should not be the only time we consider matters of personal improvement. Whether it is a new year, or inthe middle of the year, it is good to be aware of our  spiritual condition.

Being human, it is often easy for us to gradually let things of importance slip into a category of mediocrity. Our news item for this lesson tells of Pope Francis’ annual Christmas address to the Curia. In that address he brought the Vatican spiritual leaders face-to-face with their spiritual need. He issued a blistering critique denouncing their lust for power, hypocritical double lives, and spiritual Alzheimer’s. A laundry list of 15 sins reminded them of their need for restoration and reformation.

In our lesson we will be looking at the danger of spiritual Alzheimer’s. Many if not all of the symptoms, have a correlation to people who are beginning to drift away from God. For example they forget the joy of their salvation, they do not accept the challenge of dealing with problems in their spiritual life, the things about the Christian life which used to be of interest lack the excitement and are easily neglected, etc.

The Bible not only has examples of those who have strayed from God but also has acall to return and a cure for the problem. As we study this lesson the importance of keeping a close relationship with God should become very clear.

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