Ten Recommendations?


There is a Texas law that is especially important. It states, “When two railroad trains meet at a crossing, each shall stop and neither shall proceed until the other has passed.” Equal precautions have been taken in Memphis, Tennessee, where women can’t drive a car unless there is a man with a red flag in front of the car warning the other people on the road.
Yes, these are laws that are on the books in the United States of America. We might smirk, sneer, or chuckle as we consider how irrelevant these laws are. At times it is important to revisit the law books and bring things up to date. Some think that should be done with ten laws that God gave thousands of years ago on a mountain peak in the desert.
In this lesson, we will consider a news article regarding an Oklahoma State Supreme Court ruling that was passed recently demanding that a monument of the Ten Commandments be removed from the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds. Then we will explore God’s Word to determine if the Ten Commandments are relevant today and what a Christian’s response should be to the Oklahoma court ruling.

Lesson Objective:  By the end of the lesson  the students will have a better understanding of what portions of Scripture apply to us in our present age.

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