Are You Safe?


After reading the morning newspaper, do you feel safe? Is your home security system up-to-date? Have you checked to see if there are any recent recall notices for your car? Is the food that was healthy to eat yesterday still safe today? Are there any recent salmonella warnings in the news? Did the next-door neighbor who has the pit bull remember to latch the gate to his yard? Did you check the highway news to see if the roads are congested? Are your tires properly inflated? Is the earthquake insurance paid? Did you remember to put on your Kevlar vest?

We live in a potentially dangerous world. Today you may be hit by a speeding car as you walk across the street. Today your doctor may tell you that you have an aggressive cancer. Today the building where you work may be the object of a terrorist threat. You hope the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and other members of the US alphabet soup are keeping tabs of gangs, terrorists, drug lords and antagonistic governments. At the same time, you hope they don’t know your name, address, email address, or phone number.

At some point in life each of us will be under attack of some kind. It may be a psychological, emotional, financial, physical or spiritual attack. Gerardo Hernandez, the Los Angeles International Airport, TSA agent was not expecting to be shot. Airline customers were not expecting to be terrorized by an attack but it came nevertheless. The news account we will discuss in this lesson will help us see that we will face attacks from all sides throughout life, but those which have eternal ramifications are spiritual in nature.

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