To Tell or Not to Tell


Save your child by not telling him/her about Jesus.  That seems to be the logic a poll discovered in the United Kingdom.  About 23% of the parents polled expressed concern about sharing their faith with their children.

Why were they concerned about sharing their faith with their children?  Theos, the social affairs think tank for ComRes, found that 26% of the parents were afraid their children would be asked questions they could not answer.  Twenty-three percent of the parents were afraid that their children would be ostracized by their friends.  Only about 31% of the parents were concerned that their children would grow up to espouse the same beliefs that they held.  More than half of the parents said they were not afraid to speak to their children about their faith but only 40% had ever done so.  Eighteen percent did not feel that it was the responsibility of the parents to pass on their beliefs to their children.

This news item gives us the opportunity to consider the weight of the Great Commission.  Is it limited to our personal desires, our personal advantages, or our convenience?  We will search the scriptures together and find solid answers that fit each circumstance that we face.

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